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When Should You Consider Group IV Therapy?

Convenience for Events: Group IV services offer convenience for your party, weddings or corporate gatherings. Friends or colleagues can support each other through the process, making it a shared and potentially enjoyable activity. Keep everyone hydrated and feeling their best!

Efficient for Wellness Retreats: Wellness retreats often focus on holistic health, and IV therapy can be a quick and efficient way to boost participants’ well-being. Group IV services can be organized for retreats, ensuring all participants receive the benefits simultaneously.

Corporate Wellness Programs: Companies investing in employee wellness programs may find group IV services beneficial. It’s a proactive approach to employee health, and having the service delivered to the workplace fosters a sense of care and well-being among employees.

Special Occasions or Celebrations: Celebratory occasions, such as birthdays, bachelorette parties, or post-wedding recovery brunches, can be enhanced with group IV services. It’s a unique and health-conscious addition to the festivities, promoting well-being during special moments.

Group IV Therapy Discounts

You’ll save more with our group IV therapy discounts. Our offers include:
10% of for 2-9 patients
15% off for 10-19 patients
20% off all packages for 20+ patients

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