What Does IV Hydration Therapy Do for You?

On its surface, IV hydration therapy will rehydrate you, but did you know this treatment has more health benefits than that? What are they?

Here’s what IV hydration therapy may do for you:

  • Lessen anxiety
  • Boost muscle and joint health
  • Increase your energy
  • Benefit cognitive functioning
  • Reduce toxins
  • Enhance Immune System
  • Reduce nutrient deficiencies
  • Improve skin health
  • Shorten hangovers
  • Aid in weight loss

Keep reading to learn how this treatment can improve your health and well-being.

Top 10 Benefits of IV Hydration Therapy

Lessen Anxiety

According to the American Psychiatric Association, at least 30 percent of adults will experience anxiety at some time or another.

Whether anxiety is only a short-term part of your life or something you deal with regularly, IV hydration therapy can put you in a more relaxed state of mind.

IV hydration therapy introduces minerals and antioxidants into your system including magnesium. Magnesium can activate the brain’s gamma-aminobutyric acid or GABA1 receptors, which reduce brain activity and promote better relaxation.

Besides less anxiety, the increased magnesium in your body through IV therapy might also reduce insomnia, depression, mood swings, forgetfulness, and restlessness.

Boost Muscle and Joint Health

Have you felt sluggish lately because of joint or muscle pain? Although the most common treatments for everyday pain in these areas are over-the-counter NSAIDs and alternating hot and cold packs, there’s yet one more option you can explore: IV hydration therapy.

A 2019 publication of the journal Nutrients reports that approximately 76 percent of your muscle mass is water. Orthopedic Associates estimates that between 70 and 80 percent of your joint cartilage is water.

When you become dehydrated, your muscles and joints bear the brunt of it. The pain you’re experiencing could boil down to simple dehydration.

Many people believe drinking water alone is enough to prevent dehydration, but that’s not necessarily the case. Water doesn’t contain electrolytes, so while it may take care of that uncomfortable, thirsty feeling, it doesn’t restore your hydration as a treatment with electrolytes can. Infusing your body with hydration via IV therapy may alleviate that nagging joint and muscle pain you’re dealing with. Without pain, you can live your life more actively, feeling present, as you’ll have an improved quality of life.

You will be able to participate in activities you want to engage in. You’ll may no longer be on the sidelines but in the driver’s seat of your life.

Increase Your Energy Levels

Everyone feels tired from time to time, but for others, tiredness is a constant feeling. A 2019 publication of Medical Hypotheses reports that 45 percent of United States adults experienced persistent fatigue.

While getting the right amount of sleep will always be the most impactful way to feel more rested and energized, you can also look into alternate means.

IV hydration therapy may restore your sagging energy levels by restoring your system’s nutrient and amino acid levels. A Myer’s cocktail IV treatment includes B12, vitamin B Complex, magnesium, and vitamin C, which are all essential for energy. 

Amino acids work cellularly. With the assistance of mitochondria, amino acids take fatty acids and make them into energy. This effect lasts much longer than energy beverages or caffeinated drinks you sip on and without a crash.

Benefit Cognitive Functioning

If you want to improve cognitive function, you likely rely on energy drinks or coffees to power through that big work presentation. The heightened focus you experience is only temporary, though.

IV hydration therapy may deliver lasting cognitive functioning. To understand how we only need to look at the effects of dehydration on one’s energy levels.

A 2012 edition of the Journal of the American Nutrition Association writes that a decrease in hydration of only two percent “impairs performance in tasks that require attention, psychomotor, and immediate memory skills, as well as assessment of the subjective state.”

It doesn’t take long to become two-percent dehydrated. If you go too long without drinking fluids because you’re busy with work, or school you could see your cognitive performance tank for it.

IV hydration therapy will renew your electrolytes and hydration levels. You may feel the effects of the treatment for days, sometimes weeks, which will keep you sharp, focused, and at the top of your game.

Reduce Toxins in the Body

You’re not just getting pumped with water during IV hydration therapy. You’re receiving a cocktail of helpful, healthful nutrients, minerals, amino acids, electrolytes, and medications. This is how you may lessen the toxins in your body through hydration therapy.

For instance, your treatment might include alpha-lipoic acid, which can protect the body from the damage free radicals cause.

Glutathione is an antioxidant that can preserve liver cells by cleansing the organ. Also, glutathione can battle infections to keep you healthier and reduce oxidative stress caused by free radicals.

Vitamin C is a vitamin and antioxidant that bolsters your health and neutralizes free radicals.

Enhance Immunity

How often do you get sick? Falling under the weather even a few times a year can be disadvantageous. You have to decide whether you’ll work through your symptoms or take sick time, and you risk making your family sick as you spread germs.

If you want a real immune boost, try IV hydration therapy. The IV can feed you a potent combination of vitamins, minerals, and compounds such as vitamin B12 and vitamin C that boost your immunity.

You know what vitamin C can do, but what about vitamin B12? This nutrient allows your nerve and blood cells to produce healthy DNA. It also helps the body make protein and white and red blood cells.

The more white blood cells you have, the easier it is for your body to combat illness-causing germs.

You could always take vitamins B12 and C in oral supplement form but receiving them intravenously, in the vein, is more effective as it goes directly into the bloodstream. You may kiss the flu and cold symptoms goodbye!

Reduce Nutrient Deficiencies

Oregon State University found that approximately two billion people worldwide are deficient in micronutrients, specifically folate, iodine, zinc, vitamin A, and iron.

A lack of minerals and nutrients can cause many unpleasant symptoms. For example, you could develop anemia if you lack vitamins A and B12, folate, or iron.

Anemia causes a reduced hemoglobin concentration, leading to symptoms like dizziness, shortness of breath, weakness, and fatigue.

Even if you take oral supplements, only a small portion of these are absorbed by the body. An IV drip therapy is a customizable treatment that bypasses the digestive system so your body receives 100% of the essential nutrients. 

You may select the antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients you receive intravenously to supercharge your health and eliminate deficiencies.

Improve Skin Health

Your skin is your largest organ, and it’s also one of the most telling. You can look pale, tired, and worn if you’re not caring for it.

When your skin becomes dehydrated, it loses more fluids than you provide. If you’re very active or live in a hot region and sweat a lot, that can explain why your skin has become dehydrated.

Of course, not drinking enough water is also a primary culprit.

Dehydrated skin looks sunken and sad. Your fine lines stand out more, your eyes look hollow, your under-eye circles become more prominent, and your skin looks and feels lifeless and dull. It can also itch, so it’s uncomfortable too.

IV hydration therapy may rehydrate the skin, but more so, introduce nutrients and vitamins a healthy, happy body needs. Your skin may look fuller and feel suppler.

In a way, it’s like turning back the hands of time. No longer do you look sallow and gaunt but healthy and vibrant.

Shorten Hangovers or Athletic Recovery

We’ve made clear how integral hydration is to the body. It’s a benchmark of good health.

If you’ve had too much to drink the night before and wake up hungover, an IV drip is a fast and efficient way to rehydrate your body. You can add some extra anti-nausea medication and a mixture of vitamins to get you feeling your best again. 

Or you pushed yourself to the limit athletically. Recovery can seem to take eons at times.

The reason is that you’re dehydrated. You’ll have sore muscles and joints, and that pounding headache you have? That may be caused by dehydration too.

IV hydration therapy will treat your entire body. Rehydrating yourself may do wonders for your physical and mental state.

You already know how this therapy can rejuvenate the muscles and joints, erasing stiffness and pain. You’ll feel more focused and clear-headed too.

In short, you’ll be ready to return to the world faster, whether you’re athletically inclined or just trying to get through a workday after having too much fun the night before!

Aid in Weight Loss

Most people want to lose weight, but fad diets often aren’t sustainable. Sometimes, you gain even more weight than before! You can lose the weight only to put it right back on once you finally quit the diet.

Losing weight the right way is a slow-going but healthy process. IV hydration therapy can assist in augmenting a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Lipotropic compounds are injectable and, while not a direct part of most IV hydration treatments, will boost the efficacy of your ongoing treatment. Most lipotropic compounds have B12 and carnitine to kickstart weight loss.

Alpha-lipoic acid is another ingredient in an IV hydration therapy weight loss treatment. This antioxidant pairs with your body’s mitochondria to enhance your metabolism so you burn off what you eat even faster.

Carnitine is often used in weight-loss IV hydration therapy treatments. This amino acid sends fats to the mitochondria, breaking down the fat and converting it into usable energy. If you’re a vegetarian or vegan, you probably lack carnitine in your diet, so why not get it through an IV?

Final Thoughts

Healthcare professionals offer IV hydration therapy. It can do a lot for your health, including speeding up recovery times, lessening muscle and joint pain, enhancing cognitive function, keeping skin supple and touchably soft, and even helping your weight loss efforts.

Why not schedule an appointment today?